Create Immersive live events

Synchronize awesome audience engagement experiences on their own smartphones.

Does not rely on WIFI or Cellular Data

APPIX technology pushes custom info, graphics & videos, without the use of Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Creates Live Synchronized Experiences

Create seamless experiences to keep your audience engaged.

Monetizes Advertising

Allow advertisers to push synchronized & immersive promotions to your audience, with click-throughs to online stores & trackable ROI.

Does Not Require Users to Signup

Eliminates download friction by easily allowing users to experience incredible live engagement, without sharing any personal user info.


Your Audience Engagement Partner

A new to way to monetize and create immersive experiences for live or virtual events

       Full screen luminaire lighting effects
       Synchronized audience wide flash control
       Sharing of the live concert program and set list
       Enhanced production visuals
       Real-time lyrics and song download links
       Venue-wide emergency communications 

       Distribution of conference schedules and program information
       Posting of breakout session timetable and venue locations
       Speaker biographies and links to published materials
       Media rich presentation content
       Call outs to upcoming events
       Extracurricular company meetups
       Venue-wide emergency communications

       Ease the process of donating by sharing forms directly
       Real-time statistics with regular donation milestones
       Highlight the cause by sending additional details
       Luminaire, audio, video, and flash opportunities when key donation milestones are hit
       Venue-wide emergency communications

       Live, up-to-date, and interactive ceremony program guide
       Celebrate individual winners with bio or career highlights
       Countdowns to reveals and honorary awards
       ‘Confetti’ moments and celebrations
       Venue-wide emergency communications

       Player bios and statistics
       Luminaire, flash, audio, video at key moments in the game
       Countdowns to event starts and stops
       Links to online store and merchandise opportunities
       Stadium-wide emergency communications

●      Announcements with add to calendar links and volunteer sign-ups
     Real-time lyrics and song download link
       Tithe and Offering calls to action with click-and-pay opportunities
       Media rich sermon content
       Crisis line information and connections to professional guidance
       Campus-wide emergency communications 

Live Event

Case Studies

See how the most protective and highly regarded brands in the world worked with us.
New Kids on the block present

fall 2019 tour

For the New Kids On The Block Mix Tape Concert Tour, APPIX created epic audience engagement & immersive experiences that created unparalleled band & audience memorable moments.

Cejudo VS Dillashaw Live Experience

APPIX received live fight & athlete data from the UFC & instantly pushed it to all audience members, whether ringside, inside the arena or even watching live PPV at home!

Disney Presents Coco

At Disney's Coco Live, APPIX provided an immersive experience for the live audience, unlike any other. Vivid colours, Pixar imagery & motion graphics were all synchronized perfectly to the Live Performance.
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What clients are saying

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“Night after night, APPIX's innovation and creativity helped bring our MixTape Tour production to the next level with stunning visuals and, from what we saw with our own eyes, a genuinely effective fan engagement experience like no other!”
Donnie Wahlberg
New Kids On The Block Founding Member
“APPIX added a truly unique and engaging element for Disney Concerts Coco Experience which really brought the audience into the show as active participants. The technology was user friendly and easy to implement.”
Chip Mclean
SVP Disney Concerts Worldwide


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